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                      Hicorp Group Held the 2020 Annual Review Meeting for Innovation Items

Since 2019, the “annual innovative project review meeting” organized on every January 11th Chinese lunar year, has become an important way to present the innovation culture of Hicorp Group. Through the evaluation of "select the best ", the innovation achievements were displayed, which aimed to guide and encourage all staff to innovate, so that everyone in Hicorp Group can clearly see the great power of innovation in the rapid development course.
The 2020 Annual Innovation Project Review Meeting was held at the Group’s multi-functional hall on Feb, 22 (January 11th of Chinese lunar year). It was the third time that Hicorp Textile Company, Heavy Industry Science & Technology Company, and Qingdao Putian Company competed with each other. Group leaders, heads of production, technology, quality and management departments of each company, and heads of relevant functional departments of the Group assessed the participated items.
This review meeting received a total of 20 declared items, including 10 items for product technology research and development and 10 items for process equipment. It was the achievements of the technology and production team of Hicorp Group in 2020, which is based on the industry, actively practicing the core values of the enterprise, and accumulating bold breakthroughs and practice. The innovative items involved modern intelligent factory full-automatic packaging, three-dimensional storage, intelligent logistics equipment, prefabricated building components full process automatic production solutions and intelligent equipment, meet the national six emission standards of heavy trucks, domestic first fuel supply system and other technological research and development innovation, as well as the design of robot welding scheme for concrete industry equipment, modular assembly of textile machinery, and biomedical industry cold chain storage and transportation product capacity improvement and other process innovation.
At the review meeting, the innovation representatives explained the items from the aspects of innovation points, technological content, economic interest, product improvement, production efficiency , as well as driving force to strengthen company development. After comprehensively assessment, the three items of “Logistic Storage System ” of Textile Machinery Company, “Flexible Segment Carrousel” of Heavy Industry Science & Technology Company , “NMT Technological Integrated Urine Tank System ” of Qingdao Putian respectively won top three in product technology research and development category. The three items of “Heavy Truck Production Line ” of Qingdao Putian , “Modular Installation of Intelligent Package System for Yarn” of Textile Machinery, “Welding Robots with Multiple Functions” won the top three in technics and equipment innovation category . The scores of the assessment will be the foundation for evaluation of annual innovation gold, silver and bronze awardsf.

After the conclusion of review meeting, the General Manager Sun Xu made a speech for summarization.

The General Manager Sun stressed that under the leadership of our President, we had won glorious achievements after more than 20 years’ twists and turns, thanks to the continuous development of innovation and the constant principle of respecting technology, science and talents. In the process of exploration and practice, we have refined the core value concept of Hicorp Group, “Focusing on customers, leading the industry by innovation”. Innovation is the core culture of Hicorp Group.

The General Manger Sun Xu called for all Hicorp People fully realized the practical needs and far-reaching significance of “all staff to innovate, all staff to learn, and all staff to have qualifications”. In the new year, we should work hard to make more contributions to the innovation achievements, and strive to start a new journey of high-quality development of Hicorp Group.

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