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                        Qingdao Putian  Industrial Design Center Awarded as Qingdao Industrial Design Center

Recently, Qingdao Industry and Information Bureau issued the 2020 list of Qingdao Industrial Design Center. The Industrial Design Center of Qingdao Putian Intelligent Manufacturing Company, which was controlled by Qingdao Hicorp Group, was on the list.

Relying on Qingdao Enterprise Technological Center, Qingdao Putian Industrial Design Center is mainly responsible for the development and design for technics, structure and surface, aiming to design and manufacturing the high-quality products.
The Industrial Design Center of Qingdao Putian Company has obtained 54 national patents such as product process manufacturing and structural design. Among them, the research and development of liquefied natural gas cylinder for automobile has 15 national patents, and won the Qingdao science and technology award, Qingdao famous brand products and Qingdao specialized and special new products. In December 2017, Qingdao Putian Company was identified as a high-tech enterprise, and its product technology level reached the international advanced level. It has a strong competitive advantage in the domestic market and plays an important role in promoting the use of LNG technology in different vehicle models.

As a key link to promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, industrial design is an important guarantee to promote the transformation of new and old kinetic energy. In the future, the Industrial Design Center of Qingdao Putian Company will aim at the field of liquid nitrogen biological container, continuously and deeply promote the transformation and upgrading, innovation and development of enterprises, pay attention to the demand side incentive, combine production and use, and jointly tackle key problems. We will build the company into a professional intelligent automobile equipment and service supplier with clear industry, outstanding main business, high product quality, strong R & D and brand marketing ability.

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